An Indian Perspective on the "Uninhabitable Earth"

Alarmist Climate Narratives


Why is China Encroaching on Bhutan?

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Bhutan has been a friendly and reliable neighbour to India. The friendship between India and Bhutan is time-tested and deep-rooted. Not only has India signed a friendship treaty with Bhutan but also placed a permanent training team in the latter. The cultural and religious affinities also bring the people of Bhutan and India very close to each other.


Pakistan is More a Nuclear Offender than a Victim

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Pakistan’s candidature for the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) membership and its claim as “a prospective member of the cartel on its own merit…with the possibility of strengthening the non-proliferation regime” warrants a serious scrutiny.

Penchant for Proliferation: Pakistan's Contentious Tryst with Nuclear Weapons

Pakistan has, in the past, been accused of offering critical nuclear weapons technology to countries like North Korea, Iran and Libya. The rationale behind these transfers varies from reciprocal missile technology sought by Pakistan from these countries to certain personal gains made by several high-ranking Pakistani government officials.

Chabahar and Gwadar: Antagonism Denying Potential Synergies

The Chabahar deal signed by India with Iran in May last year is seen by many as its strategic response to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which culminates in Gwadar. Besides deepening ties between India and Iran, Chabahar deal provides a strategic edge to India by gaining connectivity to Afghanistan and Central Asia, bypassing Pakistan.

Pakistan's Nuclear Behaviour: Rationalising the Irrational

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Pakistan has been very proud of its nuclear weapons programme and its dependence on the weapons has enhanced tremendously with the continuing instability within the country and rising Islamic extremism in the region. Islamabad has long tried to balance its domestic vulnerabilities with the nuclear weapons which it treats as the ultimate guarantor of its survivability and security.


President Trump's War Talk is Bluff: North Korea

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North Koreans say that as long as there are US troops in South Korea, Japan and Guam, Washington will not initiate hostilities against Pyongyang.


Japanese Counterintelligence against North Korean Subversion

As the world confronts the threat of North Korean nuclear weapons, a peak into the history of its nuclear weapons and missile programme displays evidence of funds and technology having flown out of an American ally in the region. Japan, a US ally since the end of World War II, fell victim to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) intelligence and subversive attacks that led to the flow of financial and technical assistance to the latter’s nuclear and missiles programme.

India: The Next Global Climate Leader?

The US President Donald Trump’s announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement has certainly given a setback to global action on climate change. After all, it is after years of arduous negotiations that the international policy community had reached this agreement.

When an Asset Turns into a Liability: China's Shifting Perceptions of North Korea

The Korean Peninsula was always strategically important for China as a geopolitical buffer. At certain phases during its imperial era, China had exercised varying levels of control over the territory – from suzerainty to occupation, under dynasties like the Han, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing. The territory helped China keep Japan’s expansionist ambitions away from the Chinese mainland. At the same time, it acted as a bridgehead to project China’s cultural influence on the island nation and integrate it with the Sinocentric East Asia.