India and the Indo-Pacific

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The Indo-Pacific is the new geopolitical construction that has emerged to symbolise the seamless contour of the Indian and Pacific oceans. This construction has replaced the Asia-Pacific in 2011 and has been given as a self-evident reality that has embraced the Western Pacific, the Eastern Pacific and the Eastern Indian Ocean rim. The construction has also been defined as a region that envelops a wide area from the Western Pacific to the Western Indian Ocean reaching the East African shores.

The Iran-US Nuclear Talks And Its Strategic Repercussions

The 2013 election of Hassan Rouhani as the President of Iran proved crucial in exploring latest negotiations on its nuclear program, especially after a rough period of detente with the international community mainly the United States. The meeting in Geneva on November 24, 2013 regarding Iran’s nuclear program between Iranian officials and representatives from the permanent members of the U.N Security Council and Germany (P5+1) reached a temporary relief with negotiations planned from January 20, 2014 onwards into the coming months.

India's South Asian Environmental Security Dilemma

Environmental security has become a part of the policy debate in many countries but is yet to gain momentum in South Asia including India due to several other immediate concerns such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, malnutrition among others. What the establishments fail to realise is that these concerns are very much linked to environmental change and thus, without addressing the latter, the former cannot be tackled effectively and completely. India’s environmental security scenario cannot be understood in isolation.

Role of India's Eastern Naval Command in Maintaining SLOC Security

Sea lanes of Communications have always played a strong role in the naval doctrines and strategies of countries. Security and command over these vital ‘super highways’ of the oceans strengthens a country’s’ overall security and influence in the region. Sea Line of Communication (SLOCS) in the Indian Ocean Region, which form an important part of the Indian Ocean Region trade and which more importantly carry vital resources such as oil and natural gas to the growing economies of Asia and the Pacific region have become even more crucial to secure.

2014 and Beyond: India weighs options in Afghanistan

2014 will not only remain a landmark year for Afghanistan, it is turning out to be extremely crucial year for other regional and global powers with stakes in the country. Afghans are gearing up for the third Presidential elections since 2001 under the backdrop of the imminent withdrawal of NATO led Western military forces by December 2014. Dealing with situation unfolding there and its ramifications present a formidable challenge for a country like India. Besides historical relationship, Afghanistan has bearing on India’s security and economic interest.

Science & Technology in Our Foreign Policy

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In a speech on 25 December to the 2012 and 2013 batches of our Foreign Service, the National Security Advisor (NSA), Shri Shivshankar Menon remarked: 'Life would be far too easy if we only had to deal with ourselves'. He added:

China's Jade Rabbit: A Great Leap and A Wake-up Call

The successful landing of the Chang’E-3 spacecraft on the Moon and the rollout of its rover has added a significant milestone to the trajectory of China’s space programme. With this, China became the third country to conduct a soft landing on the Moon, after the USA and Russia. The landing comes after a gap of 37 years, as the last such feat was accomplished in 1976 by the Soviet Union. In addition, this is the first major space achievement of China under the administration of the new leadership led by President Xi Jinping.

Is Assad winning the Syrian Civil War?

The civil war in Syria between the forces of President Bashar al Assad and opposition rebel groups has been ongoing since the past two and a half years. The deadlock within Syria has been reinforced by the impasse within the international community on the resolution of the issue. The US and its partners in West Asia and Europe have been supporting the rebels at different levels ranging from financial to lethal as well as non-lethal arms aid.

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