Soleimani Must be Smiling at Trump

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There is a certain inevitability in the chain reaction caused by Soleimani’s killing.


Kim Jong Un Prepares 'Deadly Deterrent' against US First Strike

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In the calculation of military planners advising the DPRK leadership core, a second strike by North Korea that reaches Guam and Tokyo is enough to deter a US-Japan pre-emptive attack on North Korea, although ‘reaching the eastern shores of the continental US remains the objective’ of Kim’s missile program.


Russia's Star City: Enduring Legacy of the 'Vyomanaut'sGurukul'

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India is aiming to become the fourth country to send humans to outer space by 2022, joining an elite club of nations (Russia, the US and China) with this capability. India’s Gaganyaan mission to sendits own crew to space has entered a crucial phase, with the selection and training process of “vyomanauts” for the mission underway.

The End in Sight for the Qatari Crisis? Assessing the Factors and Challenges

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Forging India-Saudi Arabia-France Trilateral Security Partnership inthe Western Indian Ocean

Saudi Arabia’s decision to partner with India for securing the Gulf region signals the arrival of a new security actor in the Indian Ocean. This decision follows the attacks on Saudi oil tankers and missile attacks on its overland oil processing facilities.

'Victory': An Elusive Term in Afghanistan

What constitutes victory in war is a slippery concept that is yet to receive a universally accepted definition. True enthusiasts of military operations cannot escape being in awe of the German Blitzkrieg and Squad tactics during World War II. However, the brilliant field accomplishments of these tactics could not deter the Allies from achieving strategic victory. About 25 years later, the United States had similarly won all the battles in Vietnam.

As Nepal Looks to China, it is Time India Blends "Neighbourhood First" with Water Cooperation

In October 2019, right after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Mahabalipuram, India, the Chinese President Xi Jinping flew to Nepal and signed more than a dozen agreements on transport, connectivity, investment and infrastructure, including hydropower projects.


The Security of Syrian Kurds in a Divided Arab World

The recent decision by the Trump administration to withdraw the United States (US) troops from Syria has created new challenges in the region. Many US military officials criticized Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria citing the safety of Kurdish people who fought alongside the US military against ISIS in the region. The former head of US Central Command Gen.

Threats to India's Coastal Domain: Need for a Security Revamp?

The coastal boundary of India is considered to be among the longest in the world, one which is currently linked with the emerging geopolitical shifts in the Indo-Pacific, mainly due to the recent geopolitical ‘rivalry’ between the US and China.There are nine states and four Union Territories (UTs), with a coastline extending up to 7,500 kilometres and the territorial limit extendingup to 12 nautical miles from the coast.

Hypersonic Weapons: Re-emergence of Strategic Instability?

China has displayed its hypersonic weapon system to the world during the military parade held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The display is meant to demonstrate China’s capability to compete with other great powers, Russia and the United States (US), in developing hypersonic weapons.